Welcome to Lightning Learning Projects 

Lightning Learning Projects began life in 2016 as a small series of science workshops developed to give all children access to high quality extra curricular science education. Since then we have grown in numbers and now operate in several different venues and school in and around Portsmouth, Fareham and the surrounding areas.


Along with our science sessions we now offer a range of STEM based clubs, activity days and art session for schools, private groups such as Cubs and Brownies and families during holiday times. As well as 1-2-1 tutoring session for children focused on improvement.

At our core we are passionate educators, believe that children are born curious learners and we aim to help them stay that way.

Happy learning

- Learning Learning Projects team

What are STEM and STEAM?

STEM is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It focuses on the application of these topics through practical, engaging activities.

STEAM includes Art in the activities as often creativity and artistic thought processes are key to making designs and ideas come alive.


Joanne Hooper

 Amazing and in the words of one of my children "I actually love science now". Kim grabs the attention of all ages and mine range from 4-13 years. Experiments are fun and enjoyable, friendly environment and I highly recommend. 


Jo Lawton

My children look forward to these lessons immensely and always come away able to tell me about the subject not the shrug your shoulders and “I don’t remember” we always got from traditional school situations. Even in our new normal of zoom classrooms their enthusiasm is still very much alive.
Kim is a skilled, adaptable and patient teacher able to deliver lively and entertaining lessons. I can not rate her sessions highly enough.

Jess Walton

Kim is a wonderfully engaging teacher of science based enquiry and learning. Highly recommended.

Kids in Art Class

Classes and clubs

Fun, interactive educational workshops focusing on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) projects all year around.

Startup Development Team

Afterschool STEM Club

School-based STEM club offering curriculum enrichment as well as opportunities for pupils to develop their imagination, creativity and social skills.

Experimenting in Lab

Private Tutoring

We offer one-to-one or small group support from Key Stages 1 to 4, and post-16 support for Science and Maths.