In order to comply the with General Data Protection Regulation and to deliver our services safely, we may ask you for personal data for you and your child.

The information we request will be:

  •   Child’s name

  •   Child’s date of birth

  •   Child’s age

  •   Child’s address

  •   Child’s gender

  •   Parents/carers name, addresses, contact numbers and emails

  •   Who is responsible for collecting your child from an activity we provide

  •   Emergency contact name and numbers

  •   Home language

  •   Child medical information. Example; history of allergies, seizures, disability

  •   Any special educational need or requirement


We are required to hold information and use this information to comply with statutory framework of England, Ofsted, Dept. Of Education and the local authority. This data will only be used to:

  •   Support your child/rens development

  •   Monitor your child/rens progress

  •   Contact named people in an emergency

  •   Share with other professionals in accordance with legislation. Example ..safeguarding


With your permission and only when necessary data may be shared with:

  •   Other professionals supporting your child

  •   Ofsted

  •   HMRC

Lightning Learning Projects will not share data with third parties for marketing and/or advertising.

The data Lightning Learning Projects collects will be recorded on forms digitally and kept in accordance with GDPR guidelines.


We will ask for this data to updated regularly. If you would like to see the data we hold on you or your child please ask Kim Davies.

We are required by law to keep data for a set period of time after the child has left.

This will be disposed of safely and securely at the correct time


Q:  What's the age range for your sessions?

A: After school clubs are aimed at years 3-6, our home ed sessions are aimed at 4-7, 8-12, 13-16 depending on the group you attend.

Q: What do the sessions cover ?

A: Our session cover STEM, art , literacy and numeracy as well as science and maths up to GCSE.

Q: How much are the sessions ?


Current online session : £10.00 monthly d/d

ASC and HE classes £19.25 a month d/d ( September 2020 )


Private tuition : KS2 1/2 hr 12.50, KS3 1hr 25.00, KS4 1hr £30.00

Q; How do I book and pay for my child's place ?

A: Booking can be done by this website and we will send you go cardless link to set your D/D up. once we recieve confirmation of set up your place is confirmed.

Q:  When can my child start? 

A:  We admit new students to class at the beginning of each term.